Care and Share


Envisaged as a best practice and new initiative in higher education:

·         To care our youth and share their growth.

·         Save to provide financial assistance to the poorest students at the moment of need.

·         Guarantee minimum required financial and social security to all the students.

·         Save our youth form falling easy preys to antisocial activities, political and religious extremism, drug addiction and sex rackets.

·         Guarantee the over- all well being of the student population to turn them in to the precious resource and prided possession of a fast developing economy.

·         Foster humanity, fellow feeling and social commitment in all the stake- holders of higher education.

·         Bridge the gap between the incidence of need and distribution of e-grants and scholarship.


Little drops of water

Little grains of sand,

Make the mighty ocean,

And the pleasant land.




Little deeds of kindness,

Little words of love,

Make our earth Happy,

Like the heaven above.






v  Creation of an institutional fund to meet the long term and short term financial needs of the poorest section of the student community.

v  Pooling in of resources from all the stake holders to provide instant help to the needy at the moment of need.

v  Assurance of a healthy youth for a healthy Nation.

v  Minimum guarantee  on the physical and mental well being of the educated youth.

v  Induction of a collective conscience in all the stake holders of education that the  upbringing of a healthy youth is our collective social responsibility.


1.     Introduction


By way of E-grantz and scholarships the Govt. is already doing a lot many things to provide financial assistance to the economically poor and meritorious students.  Unfortunately much of these financial assistance is distributed very late and some even after the completion of the course.  Money is valuable only at the moment of need. Besides there are some students who are in real need of help but are not covered under these e-grants and scholarships.  Institutions are also doing their best to extend financial help to such needy poor lot of the student community.  Long experience in the field of teaching has brought the awareness that a fund should be constituted to meet the urgent financial need of the poorer among the students and it should have flexibility of operation and stringency of accounting.  Only then we can feel proud as centers of social commitment and service extending to the community at - large.  This awareness has led to the submission of this project proposal to the authorities for consideration and favorable action.

 Care and Share as stated is envisaged as a best practice that can be adopted by all educational institutions. The Govt. may be pleased to implement it as a new initiative for fostering   such noble ideals of love, charity, social service and collective responsibility among the stake holders of higher education.  If realized in its true spirit Care and Share can achieve much more in nation building.








2.  Organizational Chart

The Director of Collegiate Education






The Principal






(Elected from the staff Council)


Executive Committee

Vice- Principal, Two elected  staff council Members, PTA Vice President, PTA Executive Member(women), Office Superintendent, Women’s cell co-ordinator, NSS Programme Co-ordinator (one),  and NSS Volunteer Secretary (one)





Advisory Committee

College Staff Council Members, NSS Programme Officers, Plan Fund section Clerk, Two PTA Executive members and NSS Volunteer Secretaries (both male and female)














3.     Fund Raising


·         Unutilized and accumulated Students Aid Fund kept in the PD Accounts of the Principals (if available and admissible) can be utilized as the seed money for Care and Share. 

·         Voluntary contributions from teachers, parents, nearby industrial and business firms (interested in social welfare activities), alumni etc. can be accepted.

·         All contributions may be accepted, issuing printed coupons of Rs.50/-, 100/-250/- and 1000/-.

·         Nobody should be forced to contribute, it should be voluntary contribution ‘with love’ for a noble cause.

·         Internal Fund Generation: Teaching departments can contribute by organizing benefit shows and exhibitions cum sale programmes. Eg: film festivals and benefit shows by language departments, exhibition and sale of mushroom cultivation by Botany department, cake and food festival, greeting cards festival by the ED club etc.

·         CCEK cell can contribute its share to Care and Share.

·         Stake- holders can contribute any amount to care and share as part of any celebration/event in their life.

·         Government contribution may be through matching grant proportionate to the institutional fund collected till March 31 of every academic year.

4.     Targeted Beneficiary

                  Any student admitted to the institution for a regular course of study. Provided;

a.       He/she belongs to a B.P.L. family and has lost one parent or both.

b.      He/she coming from financially poor family with parent/parents  bed-ridden due to prolonged illness.

c.       He/she   meets with the accidental death of a parent, the sole provider of the family.

d.      Students under prolonged treatment for serious illness.

e.      Girl students from far off places who cannot afford hostel charges.

f.        Girl students who are unfortunately unsafe in their own homes.

g.       Any student in need of protection from their parents or close relatives.

h.      Girl students suffering from chronic anaemia and with Hb below 8 mg.


5.     Criteria for selection


1.       Urgency and genuineness of need alone may be the twin criteria for selection of the beneficiary.

2.        Beneficiary selection must be impartial and just beyond all considerations of religion, region and politics.

3.       Apparently inordinate request, if any, may be verified with the site inspection at the given address   by a team of minimum three executive committee members.

4.       On no account a student should not be subjected to any kind of traumatic experience by way of selection.


6.     Distribution and Disbursement


The available fund can be distributed under several heads as books and stationery allowance, food allowance, clothing allowance, medical allowance, boarding allowance, noon meal supply etc. and expended accordingly. 

            If affordable and essential mega projects like habitat building can also be taken up utilizing the man power of NSS volunteers to provide shelter for the most unfortunate in need of a family shelter.

Fund shall be distributed, if possible, not in cash but in kind and services.  Follow up about the wellbeing of the beneficiary may be done till he or she completes the course of study.

7.     Extension

            If possible the financially deprived students may be provided with skill training like tailoring and embroidery work, catering and event management, tourist guide ship training etc. . Thus they can be encouraged to earn while they learn.  At the end of their course they can achieve economic independence and go to the wide world outside as the proud citizens of a great nation.

8.     Accountability

            Though Care and Share is envisaged as a dynamic fund or liquid money for urgent situations, the fund should have proper accountability and authority.  The best proposition would be the assurance of the flexibility of PTA fund and official accountability of CDC fund.  For, every pai collected, should reach the most needed beneficiary without any lapse, loopholes, mishandling or misappropriation at any stage.



9.    Conclusion

            If realized in its true spirit Care and Share will emerge as the best practice and most useful new initiative that can be constituted in any educational institution in tune with   UGC guidelines. With an effective Care and Share system all the stake holders can be proud and rest assured as the share holders of a great endeavor- value based education- which can do wonders    in the years to come.  Everybody can whole heartedly and ‘with love’ partake of Nation building    through the healthy and proud youth who would render all they can to their motherland with undivided loyalty and undwindled commitment.  This is the felt need of the hour and it is high time we took heed of that.


CARE & SHARE 2016-17


The following 9 Students were given financial assistance  from Care & Share. Each sudent received Rs. 5000/- from the Care & Share Fund. Thus Rs. 45000 has been spent in this programme during the academic year 2016-17.

Sl no




Kumari Reshma. S

I M.Sc Maths


K. Keerthi Kapil

II B.Sc Maths


Navas. S

I B.Sc Maths


Priya. S

I B.A History


Sreelekshmi. S

II B.A History


Reshma Mohan

III B.A History


Anju R

I B.Com


Reveena. R.S




II B.A English