National Cadet Corps (NCC)

Our  College  Unit  comes under  7(K)  NCC  Battalion,Kollam,  with the  strength  of 102(lst year  29 Boys,43  Girls  and 2nd  year   19 Boys and 11 Girls) Cadet  Nixon  got  selection  to attende  the  Republic  Day  Parade   at  New Delhi.

The  following   cadets   attended   various  National  Camps


1. Arun.s.Anand - Karnataka&Maharashtra

2. Austin.A -             kottayam(KER)

3. Suraj.S - Orissa

4. Sreekanth.S - Malayattoor(KER)

5. Deepu - Malayattoor(KER)

6. Thaha - Andra  Pradesh

7. Vishnu.S - Tamil  Nadu

8. Surya.G.S - Karnataka

9. Pallavy  Santhosh - Kottayam(KER)


Majority   of   our  cadets  attended  the   Annual  Training  Camps   held  at Kulathupuzha  & Patharam . At  the  first  time the  combined  annual  training  camp was conducted   in  our  college  in  mega manner.

 As  the  NCC  Officer,myself   attended  the  one  month   refresher  course  at Kamty, Nagpur  and  promoted   as  captain.All  of  our cadets   participated  in  the  AIDS  Day  Rally and   seminar.

Activities   of  Physical  education   from  01.01.2011  to  31.12.2011

Our  College  Foot  ball,  Cricket ,Wrestling ,boxing (Women) teams   participated  in the  Intercolligiate   Competitions  in  various venues  and  performed  well . kumari.Biji.R of  lst  B.A.History  became  the  women  Champion  in the  kerala  state  youth  Boxing Championship   held  at  Chathannoor.  she  participated   in the  national  Championship at  Punjab.


Our  college  Athletic   team  participated  the  kollam  District  Meet  held at  Lal Bahadur  stadium  and  women team  became  runner  up  position. College  power and  Weight  Lifting  team  going to   participated  the  Inter  Collegiate  competition  at  St.  Cyrill’s  College,A door  on4’th to 6’th  jan  2012.We  have been performing  the winner or runner   position  last  year.